HOW it started

The idea of Remora co. grew from the DIY conversion of "Woody", our first Camper-Van-turned-company-mascot. While planning the build, we were confronted with many questions, doubts and debates regarding the use of different materials, technologies and installation techniques. We were astonished by the lack of product availability and suppliers in the North-american RV market. To add to all of that, we found out that most of the manufacturers were using high-environmental impact materials and processes for their components. Talk about irony.

By the end of our build, it was clear to us that our background in product design, our value of nature and its sustainability, and our passion for the nomadic lifestyle would join forces to create something special.


We jumped in.




Democratising recreational travel and the nomadic lifestyle is truly what fuels us. Discovering the outdoors and adventuring through nature’s gifts should be accessible to everyone, whatever your social or economical background, and ethnic origins. 

That is why we design and manufacture high-quality, environmentally-friendly camper products for Do It Yourself’ers! 

Let us do the research, design and test the equipment, inform you about optimal materials and techniques, and help you build your camper so you can hit the road.




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